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National Mail Centre

669 5361/9; 669-5000 or 669-5002

Email: directmarketing@ttpost.net

Direct Mail (DM)

Direct Mail is a powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ doors. Save costs, increase your sales, customer traffic to your store or business and build customer loyalty with a direct mail campaign.

What is Direct Mail?

With Direct Mail advertising/promotional material is delivered directly to your customer’s door using an available customer database and it’s cheaper than regular post.

Direct Mail is promotional mail that is sent to an address, usually to the name of a specific recipient, so you will need a current and accurate database is vital to achieving success.

Why have a Dependable Customer Database?

You can build your own database by issuing a simple questionnaire to your target audience, which will not only serve as an information gathering tool, but also show your customers you want to serve them better.
(Contact directmarketing@ttpost.net for info on available consumer lists)

Why use Direct Mail?

People simply prefer doing business where they have had a positive experience, no other medium is better for nurturing customer relationships than Direct Mail.
As its name signifies, Direct Mail speaks directly to the recipient, making him or her feel valued. This encourages them to act on the offer.
Direct Mail is extremely useful for several business purposes, among them:

  • Cost effectiveness – Cost per response is less than other media. With direct mail you will find that getting your preferred customers’ attention cost less.
  • Measurability - Direct Mail is one of the few media channels that gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign. It’s as simple as counting the inquiries you received or counting the number of coupons redeemed.
  • Targeted – Talk to your perspective customer without your competitors knowing. Make special offers to your selected audience without broadcasting.
  • Loyalty Programmes - Address your customers by name, speak to them individually, and appeal to their interests (customer retention)
  • Coupons and Sampling - You can add impact by including a special offer or free sample in the envelope.

How it’s done

  • The minimum volume requirement per lodgment is 300 same size items.
  • Direct mail must contain ONLY promotional/advertising material (no statements or invoices).
  • Items must be addressed to persons or organisations within Trinidad and Tobago, in order to attract Special Discount rates.
  • Prior approval of what qualifies as direct mail -must be obtained from TTPost.