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Permit Post

Benefits of Permit Post

Permit Post Saves Time

  1. Bulk Mailers will no longer have to frank bulk mail prior to lodgement.
  2. Mail processing will be faster, that is, it skips a process and the mail goes directly to the stage of primary sorting.

Improves Efficiency

  1. Delivery of bulk mail can be improved by efficiently reaching customers.
  2. Returned Mail can be dealt with efficiently by the processing of Permit Post pre-printed numbers rather than just a returned address.

Extremely Cost Effective

  1. Bulk mailers will no longer need to assign employees to frank mail.
  2. Bulk mailers will no longer have the inconvenience of periodically revalidating franking machines.
  3. Customers may have the choice of enjoying a credit facility in accordance with TTPost credit policy.

How to lodge permit post?

  1. Customer must be place Permit Post mail into a TTPost mail trays facing up.
  2. The original along with two copies of Statement of Posting forms must be lodged with the Permit mail at pre-assigned TTPost locations.
  3. The original Statement of Posting form will be date stamped and returned to the customer.

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