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A prepaid envelope is an envelope with local postage included. This envelope is designed to make sending local letters easier.


  1. Value for money - The price of the prepaid envelope includes both the price of an envelope and local postage at a reduced cost.
  2. Convenience - With prepaid envelopes, there is no need to spend time putting stamps on envelopes or franking your mail.
  3. Ease of Use - Prepaid envelopes can be dropped off in street posting boxes and at any TTPost Location.
  4. Specially Designed To Meet Your Needs - We offer a customized service, so, you can print your logo onto prepaid envelopes. This helps to promote and maintain your organisation's identity.
  5. Nationwide Delivery - Prepaid envelopes can be used to send letters to mail boxes or private boxes/private bags addresses anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago.

NOTE: Prepaid envelopes can be posted only once and cannot be used to send international mail.

For further information please contact the TTPost customer service department.