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Send Internationally with TNT GLobal

TNT Global

TNT ensures that your parcels, documents and freight items are delivered safely and on time throughout the world. You tell us what you want to do and we'll help you to do it.

Why use TTPost and TNT?

  • TNT Express employs over 75,000 people
  • Door to Door delivery to over 200 countries
  • Service available from over 42 TTPost outlets nationwide
  • TNT worldwide network has over 2,300 company owned depots and operate in 200 countries.
  • Delivered internationally by TNT, one of the world's largest Express Service and Logistics provider
  • Free Packaging available
  • Status of your shipment is available through TNT Tracker

Documents need when using TNT.

All TNT Express shipments must be accompanied by a consignment note.  All shipments, except documents, that travel outside Trinidad and Tobago must also be accompanied by a commercial invoice.

Restrictions of Shipping Dangerous Goods and Other Prohibited Items

  • Explosives
  • Poisons including drugs and medicines
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Radioactive materials
  • Oxidising materials
  • Compressed gas –flammable and non-flammable
  • Corrosives
  • Other Dangerous goods
  • Materials which has anaesthetic, noxious, toxic or other characteristics which can cause extreme annoyance or discomfort in the event of leakage, liquid argon, gallium. Liquid helium, polymerisable materials, strongly magnetised materials pyrophoric liquids, instruments containing mercury, creosote, quick lime, oiled paper, toys containing batteries.
  • Living creatures-other than bees, leeches, silkworms and harmless entomological specimens packed correctly.
  • Offensive material – Pornographic magazines, films, tapes, etc

To Track your package

To find out if your shipment has been delivered who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your TNT consignment number. To track your consignment please enter the 9 digit consignment number e.g. 123456782 within our International online tracker found in the home page. If your consignment number appears more than once in the results field, you can use the letters as shown on your consignment note e.g. GE123456782WW to avoid duplicate results.

Cannot find your package?

Customers, who are unable to locate a package through the international tracker, should contact the TTPost-TNT Department at 669-5361 ext 555,252 or 142. Please have your consignment/tracking number at hand.

Packaging Guidelines

TNT Express accepts shipments that have either used the original manufacturer's packaging or those of the shipper.  Please consider the following guidelines to ensure your consignment moves safely through our system.

Proper Packaging

Proper packaging

Our boxes should be made of a rigid and tear-resistant material

The packaging should have enough uninterrupted flat surface area to attach a TNT consignment note or routing label without affecting the contents of the package.  If it does not, the contents will have to be placed inside a larger box.  Remove all old routing and address labels and barcodes.

Items with surfaces that will be spoilt by adhesive labels, marked or easily damaged by normal handling should be boxed.


Printed matter

Printed matter, such as magazines or other publications, must be correctly packaged to avoid moving around in transit, leading to soiled and damaged contents. Band or shrink-wrap all printed matter, then cushion the box at the bottom, sides and top with filler.

Sealing Packages

Packaging should enable you to attach routing label (on an uninterrupted flat surface), consignment note or document windows, thus allowing barcodes to be scanned by automatic sort systems and/or TTPost-TNT employees to read the details easily.


Ensure there are no sharp points or protruding edges. Cover such surfaces with firmly taped corrugated panels or pads to blunt them. Then seal package securely by applying three 5 cm-wide, pressure-sensitive strips of plastic tape to the top and bottom of the package.

Wrapping paper, household cellophane tape, masking tape, water-activated tape, string and rope should not be used. Paper will tear; string or rope will snag on automatic sorting equipment. TTPost-TNT reserves the right to refuse packages wrapped in paper or with string or rope.

When taping boxes closed, place a strip of tape over the seam and two other strips alongside to support it. The heavier the package, particularly publications, the more tape is needed. Heavy-duty plastic strapping applied in at least two directions is preferred.

Remember: Before sealing your consignment please put an additional copy of the address label inside the package that shows the shipper's address and phone number together with the recipient's address and phone (or fax) number. You may also wish to insert a business card or your letterhead in the package. This will help us if the outer address label becomes detached in transit.

Using the proper packaging will ensure your contents are well protected. 

pak 1 (carton envelope : 32 x 30cm)

pak 2 (carton envelope : 40 x 30cm)

pak 3 (plastic satchel : 33 x 41.5cm)

pak 4 (plastic satchel : 38 x 53cm)

Pak 5 (carton box : 32 x 26 x 4cm)

Ensure documents are first placed in a sturdy envelope before placing the items in the TNT Express carton or satchel to reduce any bending or tearing in transit.


Commercial Invoices 

A commercial invoice must be provided to accompany any shipment that is not a document that will travel outside the Trinidad and Tobago. Guidelines for preparing commercial invoices

Following these simple guidelines will help you ensure the trouble-free and timely delivery of your shipments.

An invoice accompanying your international consignment serves as the commercial statement or declaration of the contents, value and a number of other elements relevant to the transaction. This information will be used for both security and Customs purposes and can ultimately be used as evidence should any infringement occur.

Who should prepare the invoice?

Whoever provides the information in the invoice is responsible for its accuracy. For this reason and the possible legal consequences, a TTPost/TNT member of staff should never produce an invoice, even on your behalf. It is advisable that a designated officer of your company prepares the invoice.

A correct and appropriate title is important

a number of commonly used titles are not accepted by many authorities, who expect to see the 'genuine' or 'legitimate' invoice. Terms like 'Pro Forma' or 'For Customs Purposes Only' should be avoided at all times. Customs authorities reserve the right to reject such invoices as not fulfilling the criteria for declaration/entry purposes. For shipments without a financial transaction, such as samples, the document could be titled 'value declaration'.

Don't forget the details

Full address details for both the exporter (shipper) and the importer (recipient) should contain, in addition to the correct name and address, as much relevant detail as possible. This would at least include phone and fax numbers (including country codes).

Refer to the TNT consignment number

Reference to the physical shipment by mentioning the specific TNT consignment note number is always helpful and provides additional proof as to what goods are covered by the invoice.

True values are vital

the value on the invoice must be realistic and reflect the true market value of the goods being shipped. Even when sending unsolicited samples to potential customers, the value must reflect the value of that shipment as if it was being sold to them. For shipments with multiple content types, the values and the number of units of each must be broken down. In some cases, Customs may ask for proof of payment of the invoice to provide additional evidence that the invoice values shown are accurate.

Sign and date it

A date and a signature complete the invoice. Signing states the information contained in the invoice is correct. The signature can also be accompanied by a phrase such as "I hereby certify the above information to be truthful and correct". Invoices are generally signed and dated by a designated officer of the company.

Download a copy of the Commercial Invoice Form

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