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Help Us Get The Mail Through

At TTPost we are dedicated to delivering mail accurately, courteously and on time. For this to happen we need you, our customers, to help us get the mail through.

Please help us to deliver your mail b

  • Installing a secure mail box at an easily accessible and secure location on your property
  • Clearly displaying your house number on the mailbox
  • Placing your mail box in a safe position, i.e. securely affixed to gate or mounted on a pole 4 - 5 feet above ground level
  • Placing your mail box in an easily accessible location, i.e. at an appropriate height and at street level
  • Placing your mail box in a healthy location i.e., away from garbage storage/collection point
  • Keeping your mailbox free of obstacles, e.g. vegetation, ornamental objects, vines, shrubs, wires which could hinder the ease of mail delivery
  • Ensuring the dog is secured and cannot attack the Delivery Officer
  • Clearing your mailbox regularly, and most importantly...
  • Addressing your mail correctly:

    Name/ Business Name
    Civic number, Lot number or Pole number and street name
    Village and/or Town
    Private Box Number (if applicable)
    Cluster Box No. (if applicable)